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In November 2022, I appeared on the “inside the petri dish” podcast hosted by Alice Gray and spoke about our ageing brains and how the health of our bodies impact the health of our brains. Check out the link below!


In March 2021, I appeared on the Profoundly Pointless podcast hosted by Nick VinZant and spoke about how our lifestyles impact the health of our brains, even to the extent that it ages at a different rate to our birthdays! We also covered some interesting brain facts and debunked some common myths. Check out the link below the image to have a listen (Additional link to website provided in case you don’t have Spotify).

Link to Spotify

In late November 2020, I appeared on the Global Caveat podcast (hosted by Diana Klatt and Susanna Park) and talked about brain ageing and brain health, and how these are intrinsically connected to our cardiovascular system. If you have Spotify, have a listen using the link below the image!

screenshot-2020-12-31-at-12.24.54-2-1Link to Spotify podcast

During my time as a scientific assistant at the University of Oslo, while working for Lifespan changes in Brain and Cognition, I organised and appeared on popular Norwegian children’s science program called Newton, produced by Warholm film © 2018 and broadcasted on NRK television.


In the episode, myself and my colleague (Stine K. Krogsrud) demonstrated memory research (being carried out at LCBC) using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at Oslo University Hospital, in which one of the show hosts completed a memory task in the MRI scanner.


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